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The Frankel Law Firm provides clients throughout Central Florida with exceptional legal services in all aspects of Family Law.


Filing for divorce is one of the hardest decisions a spouse can make. When a couple drifts apart and possibly separates, that begins the deep divide that leads a spouse into ultimately deciding that they need to move on with their lives and file for divorce.

What happens when I file for divorce?
What happens when I file for divorce in Florida?

Child Custody

The Courts seek to keep a strong parent/child relationship during a divorce and after. It is public policy that each child has frequent and continuing contact with both parents who are encouraged to share the rights and responsibilities as well as the joys of having children.

If I file for divorce, will I get custody of my kids?
If I file for divorce will I get custody of my kids?

Child Support

In Florida, a formula is used to determine the amount of Child Support owed by one parent to the other. Both parents are responsible for the financial well-being of their child. Guidelines set how much each parent will pay or receive.

How is child support determined?
How is child support determined in Florida?


If you are a man who fathered a child without being married to the mother, you will need to be declared the Legal Father to obtain any rights to see your child or to have an ability to have a say in how and where your child is raised.

How do I establish paternity?
What rights does a father have in Florida?


Child Support payment amounts and time-sharing agreements are always modifiable. The party seeking Modification must prove a Substantial Change in Circumstances since the last order or judgment in the case.

Can custody or support be modified?
Can child support agreements be modified?

Domestic Violence/Injunctions

Enough is enough whenever you decide it is! The Court can issue a restraining order, known in Florida as an injunction, which prohibits contact with the victim, providing immediate protection through the civil court.

How do I get an injunction?
How do I file for an injunction?
Jared A. Frankel Esq. family law attorney

Jared A. Frankel

I have always believed in the idea of fairness and equality for all people. I bring that commitment to the practice of Family Law. I strive to reach the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Making decisions that can affect the rest of your life

As a former Assistant State Attorney, I have handled thousands of cases including those punishable by life imprisonment. I had to make tough decisions that would affect the lives of every person connected to the case. I focus on what is just and right for all those involved.

Solutions in your best interest

My experience has not only made me a better lawyer, but also clarified my personal and professional calling, to be a Family Law attorney helping individuals and families with the legal issues that you may encounter over a lifetime. My background uniquely qualifies me to handle any circumstance or case that you might have. It is my responsibility to guide you through the process in the least difficult manner possible. Through my vast experience, I have learned when it’s time to be aggressive and when it’s time to negotiate. It may be legal business, but to me it’s personal.

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Frankel Law Firm

With offices in Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, and DeLand, the Frankel Law Firm provides clients throughout Volusia and Flagler Counties with exceptional legal services in all aspects of family law. The firm's areas of expertise include jurisdictional divorce issues; marital property characterization, valuation, and division; spousal and child support; child custody cases; paternity matters; adoptions, and prenuptial, postnuptial, and marital settlement agreements.


120 E Granada Blvd., Suite 203
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